About The Wood Resin Designs

My latest obsession incorporates my love of all things wood with epoxy resin. This is a very labor intensive process that starts with the selection of the wood, casting it with the resin, designing, shaping, and finally polishing the finished piece. I use no molds. Each stage is done by hand.

 It takes a lot of time to transform these blocks of wood and resin into their current form, but the lengthy process results in a very unique item. Handmade as they are, there may be small imperfections including bubbles that appear during the process that I chose to keep as they add charm and character to an already one of a kind design.

I am environmentally conscious which may seem a bit in conflict with the use of resin. I try to use eco-resins that contain more bio renewable materials rather than pure petroleum based resins. I also try to use reduce waste by using as much of the materials as I am able and lately have been experimenting with designs that use more wood and less resin all together.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new designs.